Govt’ splurges Ksh.33M on tea and snacks, stationery, fuel and printing quarantine forms

Govt’ splurges Ksh.33M on tea and snacks, stationery, fuel and printing quarantine forms

The National Treasury has projected a Ksh.40b budget to combat the coronavirus pandemic, with the figure likely to rise in the coming days.

In just over a month, the Ministry of Health has spent in excess of Ksh.2.3b to deal with the pandemic.

Ksh.300m has been directly sourced from the National kitty and spent on coronavirus mitigation measures

Another Ksh.1b has been used to recruit health workers, with Kenyatta University Referral Hospital, Mbagathi Covid-19 centre, Moi Teaching and Referral hospitals allocated Ksh.464m to hire 950 health workers to beef up the numbers.

The 47 counties have been allocated Ksh.498m to hire 1,059 frontline soldiers in the covid-19 war, with Ksh.24m remaining at Afya House to recruit 60 members of staff.

Ksh.1b received by the government from the World Bank has already been spent.

Ksh.42m used to lease 15 ambulances and another Ksh.12m used to accommodate 30 healthcare workers in need of quarantine services for 90 days.

Ksh.2m has been used to purchase airtime for at least 500 workers, with the figure expected to rise to Ksh.6m, with each worker receiving ksh.4,000 per month for 3 months.

The cost of fueling and maintaining 30 vehicles at a rate of Ksh.40,000 per motor vehicle is Ksh.14.4m.

The budget for tea and snacks is ksh.10m, and so far, Ksh.4m has been spent.

Ksh.6.5m has so far been spent on stationery, with communications consuming Ksh.70m. Procurement and installation of a call centre has cost the ministry Ksh.11.8m, while printing of travellers, quarantine and discharge forms has cost Ksh.9m.

The bulk of the resources has been spent in the purchase of personal protection kits, with the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency(KEMSA) spending Ksh.277m in procurement of PPEs, Ksh.330m on laboratory equipment and Ksh.196m on test kits.

Another Ksh.316m was used to purchase equipment and assorted PPEs while Ksh 11.6m was paid out in handling fees for UNICEF.

The Ksh.300m spent on mitigation measures includes Ksh.10m that was sent to Kenyan students in Wuhan, China and Ksh.75m allocated to the military for preparedness of the soldiers in combating the pandemic.

Ksh.10m was allocated to the National Youth Service(NYS) to provide security at the isolation and quarantine centers, Ksh.150m  was spent by Kenyatta National Hospital to purchase additional beds to equip Mbagathi Hospital Isolation centre.

Ksh.5m was spent by the state department for broadcasting on community outreach and media tours, and Ksh.1.5m for completion of construction work, fencing and access roads to Mbagathi Hospita while  ksh.48m was spent at Afya House on medical response and logistics at the isolation and quarantine centres.

The first tranche of Ksh.2.3b out of Ksh.5b negotiated from the World Bank is expected, with the bulk expected to finance the purchase of lab reagents and sample collection kits, PPEs, and management of COVID-19 cases at a cost of Ksh.573m.

Isolation and treatment facilities are expected to consume a further Ksh.975m by the end of June.