Governors want COVID-19 protocols restored, politicians who flout rules punished

Governors want COVID-19 protocols restored, politicians who flout rules punished

County governors are now calling for reinstatement of the previously implemented COVID-19 protocols in their original form, further that politicians and citizens found flouting the restrictions be punished.

Council of Governors Chair Wycliffe Oparanya, speaking in an extraordinary meeting called by President Uhuru Kenyatta in response to the surge in COVID-19 cases, said easing of the measures has led to a worrying increase in coronavirus infections in the country.

Oparanya, who also doubles up as the Kakamega Governor, added that county governments will be beginning a campaign to ensure the health measures are adhered to.

“The Council of Governors recommends that all containment protocols developed be implemented in their original form. We further request that the nationwide curfew be varied from 11pm to 9pm starting at 4am for at least one month until the curve flattens or positivity rate falls below 5%, whichever is attained first,” said Governor Oparanya.

“Part of the public, including politicians, should be penalized for flouting the health protocols. As county governments, we are beginning a campaign today that ‘No Mask, No Service’/ ‘Bila Barakoa, Hakuna Huduma.’”

He further added: “County governments will translate this campaign message in their local languages…the campaign affects services in the country and anybody found rendering service to a member of the public not complying with the health protocol by wearing a mask, keeping distance and sanitizing will be held liable.”

Governor Oparanya also said county health facilities are stretched by rising numbers of new patients and are unable to cope with the demand for their services.

President Kenyatta, in his opening address to the governors, hinted at bold but unpopular decisions in attempt to contain the impending second wave of the coronavirus.

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