Governor Waiguru mulls joining Ruto’s UDA party

Governor Waiguru mulls joining Ruto’s UDA party

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has given the clearest indication yet that she is considering joining the Deputy President William Ruto-led United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to seek re-election under the party’s ticket.

Waiguru made the suggestion on Wednesday while addressing members of public at Thiba area in Mwea Constituency.

The Governor asked the crowd whether they would re-elect her as Governor of Kirinyaga County and they responded on the affirmative.

She went ahead to ask them twice on which ticket she should seek re-election and they chanted UDA.

While she did not categorically state that she would join UDA, Waiguru indicated she would make the decision depending on the party’s popularity in the area.

“Mtanirusidha 2022 kama governor wa Kirinyaga?… Mliskia nikisema mimi naskiza watu wa Kirinyaga? Nilisema nitafanya vile watu wa Kirinyaga wanasema. Kwa sababu mumesema mutanirudisha, mnataka nikuje na chama gani huku Kirinyaga? Nikuje na chama gani? posed Waiguru as the crowd chanted UDA.

The Governor was accompanied by County Assembly Majority Leader James Kamau Murango and Thiba MCA Pius Njogu.

Even though the governor has announced her intention to defend her seat, some of her supporters have been urging her to go for the deputy president’s seat.

Waiguru, however, maintains she is still weighing different options and will inform Kenyans about her decision when such a time comes.