Governor threatens to sack ‘sleeping ministers’

Governor threatens to sack ‘sleeping ministers’

Tana River Governor Hussein Dado has threatened to sack non-performing executive committee members in a bid to improve service delivery.

Speaking during a cabinet reshuffle, Dado said most of the CeC members have not served the public well and asked them to quit if they are not willing to continue with service delivery.

In a move aimed at adjusting the structural set up in the county, the Governor has created two new ministries and struck out one ministry leaving the number of CEC’s at nine.

Water, Environment and Health was split into two as well as Lands and Agriculture making the Health and Agriculture dockets stand-alone ministries.

Cohesion and the Special programs ministry have been abolished and moved as departments in the Office of the Governor.

The Ministry of Urban development and Cooperatives has been created and will be headed by the Deputy Governor Mohammed Jire Siyat.

The CEC for Gender, Social Services and Culture Ms Eunice Mungatana will continue holding the same ministry as well as Roads CEC Yusuf Adow.

Jilo Algi was moved to Water Ministry from Finance while Salim Mohamed who held the Water docket will now head the Finance Ministry.

Hassan Bare will head the Health docket while his Position at the Education Ministry will be taken up by Sophia Wedo.

Abdi Bile whose Special programmes ministry has been struck out will head Trade and Industry docket which was headed by Adam Barissa who has now been moved to Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Omar Wachu Buketa will continue to head the Lands Ministry as Hassan Bare moves from Education to Health Ministry.

The changes, governor said, will be effected immediately.