Government spells out guidelines for use of Russian vaccine

Government spells out guidelines for use of Russian vaccine

In Westlands , Nairobi, the Sputnik V vaccine is already being administered to the public, to people who had already pre-registered and booked an appointment to receive their jab.

It’s not a walk -in.

At the entrance , we meet Kenyans who have come to inquire about when they can get the jab and how much it will cost. Others, already have an appointment.

The vaccine is administered in two doses, that have to be 21 days apart and will now cost Ksh.7,700 per dose.

“Post vaccination you have to stay 20 minutes where you can be monitored .it’s 7700 a is the only vaccine that we are giving, the vaccine is safe.”

 Vishal Sharma, the Vice President Operations at Bliss clinic says.

The Ministry of Health has not yet decided to use Sputnik V vaccine in the national vaccination programme.

The vaccine has only got emergency use authorization from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PBB).

That means, it can only be administered for emergency use under strict condition; the ministry says it still does not have full market authorization.

“Yes the vaccine is there, but we are going to give a detailed list of all the health centres that are going to administer it.”
 Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, CAS Health said on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Health says it will list all accredited clinics, licensed to give the Russian vaccine.

Kenyans who will have received vaccines from non-listed health facilities, will not get government-recognised vaccination certificates.

Additionally, the vaccine distributor has been forbidden from marketing the vaccine as it its is yet to be authorized for commercial use.

“You cannot market a product that has not been authorized for commercial use, the batch numbers must be shared in advance and all details must be in our chanjo kenya platform.”

 Dr. Willis Akhwale, COVID 19 the deployment task force chair said on Wednesday.

The vaccination debate comes as 1412 more people tested positive for COVID-19, in the last 24 hours.

The total caseload has now risen to 134,058 with the test positivity rate standing at 15.3%, with 6 deaths recorded, three of them in the last 24 hours.

1349 people are admitted in different health facilities with 153 being in the ICU.

161,771 people have been vaccinated so far.

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