Google simplifies finding locations with introduction of Plus Codes

Google simplifies finding locations with introduction of Plus Codes

Google has introduced an easier way of finding and sharing locations on Google Maps using Plus Codes for anyone with an Android device.

A Plus Code, according to a statement sent to newsrooms, “is a digital street address for places that do not have addresses. It is a simple code consisting of both letters and numerals combined with a location (for example: PRG6+QC Nairobi).”

The alphabetic and numeric characters are derived from the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location. Users can find the Plus Code for any location in the world by dropping a pin in Google Maps or by searching on Google Search and Google Maps.

The Place Autocomplete feature gives suggestions for the location once you start typing on Google Maps.

With the introduction of Plus Codes to Place Autocomplete, the Google Maps application will automatically suggest Plus Codes, in addition to the name suggestions, once you type the first letter of the town or locality in a Plus Codes address.

This way, one can easily find the precise location of an unnamed street or road. Even better, a place with neither a street nor a road. Google Maps users on Android can now tap the blue dot that represents their current location to view and share their unique six-digit coordinate with friends, delivery services, and emergency services.

“This new feature will enable you to share accurate direction to unnamed and remote locations with ease. This will be especially helpful for businesses such as food delivery or on-demand transportation, that rely on precise locations to offer services,” said Dorothy Ooko, Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Africa.

“Businesses can now expand their operations to new regions they could not serve before. This will also be helpful for clients because being able to receive goods and services at your specific location is particularly important right now.”

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