Give party national outlook or else… Wetangula told

Give party national outlook or else… Wetangula told

Migori County Ford Kenya party chairman, Samuel Odhiambo Migore, has threatened that members from the region will abandon the party if its leader, Moses Wetangula, fails to give it a national outlook ahead of the 2017 polls.

Speaking to Radio Ramogi, Migore said the party leadership only constitutes leaders from the Luhya region. He has accused the party leader, Senator Wetangula, of micromanaging the party which should have a national outlook.

He threatened that members from other regions will withdraw their support if the party does not listen to their demands saying they are the stakeholders.

Migore further noted that the party has not been able to make substantial move since delegates from other parts of the country have been sidelined.

On the thorny issue surrounding the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leadership, Migore told his party leader to work toward strengthening the party like ODM has been doing before demanding an endorsement by the other coalition principals.

He said it will be unfair for the party leader to seek the flag bearer’s position from other CORD principals while his party does not command any substantial votes in the country.