Geothermal power in Baringo lasting solution to fights over water?

Geothermal power in Baringo lasting solution to fights over water?

Lack of water has been a major source of conflict among warring communities in Baringo.

However, a project from the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) is now seeing locals get access to piped water pumped from Lake Baringo.

For several years, communities living in Baringo South and Tiaty constituencies scrambled for the scarce resource which resulted to loss of lives and property.

This year, the number of conflicts seemed to have reduced as some 50,000 locals get water nearby.

The exploration project which is under GDC’s Baringo-Silale has also seen a reduction in relocation of pupils.

Kipchumba Makal, one of the residents, said they can now get water for their livestock unlike before where they would be forced to trek for over five kilometres in search of it.

Another resident, Amos Losute,  said their women would be forced to carry water on their backs over long distances but now can queue in one place assured of regular supply.

Accoridng to GDC Managing Director Johnson Ole Nchoe, the project was set up last year as part of the geothermal exploration.

Kadingding, Chepungus, Riongo villages are some of the villages that are part of the water project.

Meisori School in Baringo South also has its water purified for drinking, he added.

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