Four suspected drug barons to be extradited today

Four suspected drug barons and money launders who were arrested in the coastal city of Mombasa on Saturday are to be extradited today (Sunday).

The suspects who are on Interpol’s most wanted list of drug traffickers and money launderers, Dominguez and Nedy Micock, will be handed over to the Seychelles government while Barend Nolte and Marc Faivelewitz will be deported to South Africa.

The suspects were arrested in a sting operation conducted by detectives from the anti-narcotics and anti-terror police units.

This comes only a week after two Kenyan brothers, Baktash and Ibrahim Akasha, were extradited to the US to face charges of drug trafficking.

Speaking last week, Deputy President William Ruto said prominent persons in the country are involved in the drug syndicate, adding that the government would not spare anyone regardless of who they are, how much money they have, how much influence they think they have or how much political clout they claim to have in the war against drugs.

Ruto disclosed that the country has put in place a security law that will ensure drug trafficking suspects will not be easily released from police custody ‘simply because they have money.’

He said security forces at the Coast region have be given clear instructions and empowered to deal ruthlessly with drug barons.

The DP commended the new found partnership with the government of United States (US) in dealing with cartels.

“The combined effort between of our security personnel and other partners including the US and others has given new impetus and new leverage in dealing with this menace,” said Ruto.