Four arraigned over murder of prominent Nakuru businessman

Four arraigned over murder of prominent Nakuru businessman

A high court in Nakuru on Tuesday, January 2nd ,gave the prosecution 14 more days to investigate a case in which a woman allegedly planned the kidnapping and the murder of her husband.

The prosecution told the court that they needed more time to conclude summary of the evidence collected against the suspect.

Grace Wambui, a 28 year old woman alongside three other men are facing murder charges for allegedly plotting the killing of her husband and dumping the body in Kiambu last month.

The police report filed before court showed that , 1.2 million shillings was transacted between the woman and the three men who are said to have kidnapped the deceased with instructions to kill him for unknown reasons.

Police also indicated that CCTV footage and records obtained from Equity Bank in Nakuru showed that , the woman withdrew the cash over the counter and that telephone records show she had been in contact with the three men making 7 calls within that period.

According to Samuel Mwangi, the deceased’s brother, Julius Kimani, 37, closed his business in Nakuru town at around12.30am on December 1 and rushed to join members of his family.

Kimani drove in his personal vehicle but while gaining entry to his home in Kiratina estate, he was accosted by a group of armed criminals who dragged and bungled him in their vehicle and drove away.

The businessman was later killed and dumped in thick vegetation at Manyani area approximately 15 kilometers away from his home.

Mwangi narrated how on the fateful night, Kimani’s wife was attracted by commotion at the gate of their compound and on rushing to check what was happening, she only managed to spot the vehicle.

“Kimani’s vehicle was found at the gate with its doors wide open and the car keys dropped by the driver’s door. The music in the car was also very loud.”  Said Mwangi

The deceased body was found tied with ropes with deep injuries on the head, chest, legs and hands.

“My brother was brutally killed by criminals, his hands and legs were tied and he bled profusely,” said Mwangi

According to the postmortem report, the business man was hit on the head by a blunt object that caused excessive bleeding and blood clot that led to his death.

The four are still in police custody with police saying they have leads to more arrests with the 14 days granted by court.