Forget more powers, Jakoyo tells Ababu

Forget more powers, Jakoyo tells Ababu


Gem MP and Deputy Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo has warned his Budalangi counterpart Ababu Namwamba to forget any change in as far as the powers of the ODM Secretary General post is concerned.

Jakoyo said that any more powers would amount to party ownership, adding that it will not be allowed.

He reiterated that the powers of the party’s secretary general have neither increased nor decreased since Ababu chose to vie for the position, adding that the party’s constitution has not been amended in as far as party positions are concerned.

“No changes will take place because our constitution has not changed as far as the secretary general position is concerned. He may have had his imaginations but that is what a secretary general is, that is what Anyang’ Nyong’o was and that is what Ababu will be because we will not take it away from him,” said Jakoyo.

“Nobody has met anywhere to change any definition of the party posts, whatever powers he is looking for were not even there when he was looking for the post,” he added.

He noted that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is about the people of Kenya, not some members of Parliament, adding that the party wants harmony.

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