Forget about 2022 politics, clergyman tells leaders

Forget about 2022 politics, clergyman tells leaders

Politicians have been urged to stop focusing on 2022 politics instead of development and service delivery to Kenyans.

Speaking in Kisii during the new year’s eve, the region’s Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Bishop John Omangi said leaders must shift gear.

“2022 is still far, I wish to urge politicians who have already started politicking to stop and instead re-direct their time in serving Kenyans who elected them,” he said.

On the looming teachers strike, Bishop Omangi called for talks between the union and their employer.

He also decried the confusion in the implementation of the proposed new curriculum.

“We are urging all education stakeholders to come together and solve problems related to the teachers strike and implementation of the new curriculum to avoid confusing our parents and learners,” he said.

Bishop Omangi added that the government needs to redirect its energy to the county governments and prosecute corrupt leaders reaping from where they did not sow.

He applauded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s renewed zeal in fighting graft urging him to intensify the fight in 2019.

“I wish to congratulate the president and his government for the fight against corruption, we are hoping their zeal will continue in 2019, ” said Omangi.

He however urged the Judiciary to expeditiously determine cases so that those found guilty are convicted.