Fly SAX pilot Barbara Kamau was planning her wedding

Fly SAX pilot Barbara Kamau was planning her wedding

Capt. Barbara Wangechi Kamau was planning her wedding before the fatal Fly SAX plane crash occurred.

Her fiance Austin Munyalo Mbalo paid a glowing tribute during the mass at St. Paul’s University Chapel on Thursday:

Goodbye my beautiful purple flower.
I know you had to heed the father’s call,
And even though I only had you for the shortest hour,
I thank the Lord for the most beautiful queen of all.”

She and First Officer Jean Mureithi were killed when the plane hit a hillside in the Aberdares.

The two were among 10 people who perished in the plane crash.

Capt. Kamau was laid to rest in Karura Kanyungu, Kiambu on Thursday while First Officer Mureithi will be buried on Friday.

Families and friends have been urged to be patient as they await the outcome of investigations into the plane crash.

The ill-fated Fly SAX plane had left Kitale for Nairobi on June 5 but went missing an our later.

A search and rescue team was immediately deployed but had to be called off due to poor weather conditions.

The plane was only spotted two days later by a Fly SAX chopper that was conducting aerial surveillance in the Njabini area.