Floods wreak havoc at Simbi, Nyora and Angugo primary schools

Floods wreak havoc at Simbi, Nyora and Angugo primary schools

Learning was paralysed on the first day of the third term at Simbi Primary School in Rachuonyo after heavy rains caused flooding and destroyed toilets in the compound.

Pupils who reported to school on Monday morning could not go on with their studies after they found their classrooms filled with water.

The school head teacher Washington Akuno said most of the learners could not report to school on Monday morning because they could not wade through water as a result of floods in the region.

Mr Akuno said they were expecting to receive 356 learners but only 108 pupils reported to school. He added that four families arrived at the school with their property seeking shelter from the ongoing floods which destroyed their homes.

And in Nyatike Sub County, plans are underway to relocate learners from Nyora and Angugo primary schools.

The government said they will be relocated to neighboring schools not affected by floods.

Migori county commissioner Boaz Cherutich said he has tasked a team composed of the provincial administration as well as education officials and the Kenya Red Cross to provide assistance.

The Kenya Red Cross is currently doing an assessment in the region.

Speaking to Radio Ramogi, Mr. Cherutich said only a few learners in upper classes have managed to report to the two affected schools.

He said the government is also looking for a long term solution to deal with the perennial floods in the region which have disrupted the livelihoods of many people in the region.

Beside pushing for the completion of dykes along River Kuja, the county commissioner said they want to ensure that the road from Sori to Migori is also raised higher so that it can also control the flow of the water.

He added that they are looking for food and non-food items from the government and partners so that they can support families affected by floods in Migori County.

Report by Aly Abich and George Juma


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