Five university students gang raped in Embu town

Five university students gang raped in Embu town

Police in Embu West have launched investigations into an incident where five college students were gang raped and their valuables stolen  at a residential hostel in Embu town.

The students who are from various colleges in Embu town narrated how the ten-man gang invaded the hostel in Bondeni estate in Embu town and terrorized them for hours before subjecting five of them into a rape ordeal.

According to the students who survived the ordeal, the gang gained access to the hostel on Friday February 2, at around mid night armed with pangas and other crude weapons that they used to inflict injuries on those who did not heed to their commands.

The horrified students who had to conceal their identity fearing for their live,s narrated how the gang entered room after room terrorizing them demanding phones, money, laptops and gas cylinders and other assorted valuables before walking away.

The hostel which is less that 100 meters from Embu west administration police line left the girls traumatized as their distress calls went unanswered, even the neighbours turned a deaf ear to their calls.

The traumatized students said that despite reaching the care taker and the landlord, no one responded to their distress call.

The five students were rushed to Embu level five hospital for treatment but media was not able to talk to them after they were denied access in the facility by the management.

Embu County Commissioner Esther Maina condemned the incident saying that it is unfortunate that rape cases can be reported within residential areas while police are a stone throw away.

Ms Maina said that police officers within the Embu County are sleeping on their jobs and its time they become proactive to security matters rather than responsive whenever an incident happens.

She said that it was sad that five female students can undergo such horrific experience when there are security agents who are supposed to offer security by conducting night patrols around the town and the estates.

Maina decried over rampant cases of theft in Embu town and its environs blaming the police over laxity adding that she will not allow such officers to continue working in Embu.

The girls’ hostel hosts students from the nearby Chuka University, University of Embu, Embu College and Kenya medical training college.