Fight Against Poaching In Kenya

The equipment will help in building capacity for their forensic lab.

Speaking at KWS headquarters in Mweiga, Nyeri County KWS spokesperson Paul Gathitu said the equipment will aid in prosecution of the poachers arrested.

Gathitu said that preliminary investigations revealed that the two suspected poachers Stephen Mwaniki and David Kingori are connected to the notorious rhino poaching and trafficking syndicate within mountain conservation area.

The authorities suspect that the rhino horns are from the recent killing of rhino within the region.

KWS has additionally made arrests at Timau and recovered eight pieces of ivory weighing 43kgs.

The case is being handled by Nanyuki Law Courts.

The spokesman further said that KWS new wildlife act opens the space for more community participation in conservation and management.

He added that the act also offers severe penalty on Wildlife crime upon conviction.

By Anne Muchiri

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