FIDA-Kenya condemns murders of Velvine Kinyanjui, Jeniffer Wambua

FIDA-Kenya condemns murders of Velvine Kinyanjui, Jeniffer Wambua

The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA -Kenya) has condemned the recent gruesome murders of Velvine Kinyanjui and Jeniffer Wambua.

FIDA – Kenya Chairperson Nancy Ikunu said their deaths add to the growing number of women and girls killed in recent months.

“The numbers are worrying and FIDA -Kenya is concerned over safety and security of women and girls of this nation. FIDA-Kenya appeals to the government to uphold its constitutional mandate in protecting girls and women from these wanton killings,” she said.

The study found that Sexual and Gender Based Violence in the country has had a continuum and worrying trend that is rapidly resulting into gender-motivated killing commonly referred to as femicide.

Ms. Ikunu was speaking on Friday during the launch of the FIDA-Kenya report on the increased cases of femicide incidents in Kenya.

The organization works towards addressing challenges facing women access to their social, political and economic rights.

“The rights, safety and security of all citizens is collective and it is upon all of us to hold the state accountable in its minimum to all of us,” the Chairperson said.

Ann Ireri (Executive Director of FIDA-Kenya) urged the communities to be more vigilant, call the police on SGBV cases and be whistle blowers on cases of violence to enhance safety in homes.

The organization’s officials said they already has several cases in court to oversee that the government performs its constitutional mandate.

“FIDA – Kenya urges women facing SGBV to get out: don’t wait on the situation to get worse. Seek help through our toll free number 0800 720 501,” they said.

They also stated that the organization has been undertaking regular analysis of data it receives through its GBV Toll free Line 0800 720 501 highlighting trends especially in SGBV.

According to the report, a total number of 1,071 SGBV cases were reported through the Toll Free number between April 15 last year and February 28, 2021.

The highest number of violence cases reported was found to be between intimate partners (511 cases) followed by defilement cases (133).

“There has been an increasing trend of physical abuse of women by relatives including in-laws with 96 cases reported,” FIDA-Kenya said, adding that 71 rape cases have been reported.



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