Father & son who were living in a thicket in Machakos receive help

Father & son who were living in a thicket in Machakos receive help

A father and son duo that has been living in a thicket in Machakos were on Friday saved by well-wishers.

The two were living in this structure at a farm in Machakos, depending on well-wishers for food. Photo: Enock Muswii/Citizen Digital

The two got a new house, with its rent paid Reverend Lazarus Musyoka.

The two now have a roof over their head, food to eat and have also received new clothes to wear. Photo: Enock Muswii/Citizen Digital.

They also received Ksh.15,000 in house shopping from Reverend Maurice Oloo and clothes from other well-wishers.

The latest comes a day after their plight was highlighted after a farm owner found them huddled in their make-shift shelter on Thursday.

Benjamin Kilonzo has been living with his son who is a Form 2 student ever since his wife left him.

The two were locked out of their house over rent arrears and forced to live in a bush after their family rejected them.

Kilonzo who used to do menial jobs before the pandemic spends most of the cold nights awake like a watchman, guarding his only son and only relaxes during the day.

The school-boy has not been studying as all books were locked at their former house.