Family cries for help after kin on Kenyan Gov’t scholarship dies in Russia

Family cries for help after kin on Kenyan Gov’t scholarship dies in Russia

A family in Nairobi is in distress after their kin died in Russia following a short illness.

19-year-old Abraham Mwendwa, an Engineering student at Russia’s St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, died on Monday while undergoing treatment.

Despite being under government scholarship program, the family now claims the embassy has told them to make arrangements on their own to repatriate the remains of their kin.

At Ambrose Mwendwa’s home in Utalii Village on Thika Road, family, relatives and friends continue to converge to mourn Abraham’s sudden demise.

The pain of losing a child in a land miles away from home is written all over the faces of the parents, a clip of him performing in a church choir last year before he left for Russia perhaps the only consolation the family needs at this difficult moment.

Their agony has now been aggravated by the fact that they are unable to repatriate the remains of their kin due to financial constraints.

Abraham Mwendwa, an alumnus of Alliance Boys High School, left the country last year after he successfully landed a sponsorship to study abroad, much to the excitement of his parents; little did they know he will return not with a degree but in a casket.

The Kenya Students Community in Russia have also accused the embassy of neglecting them.

The students’ association says Abraham’s case was not handled in the best way possible just like the case of two others, all who died this year.

The family is now appealing to the government to help them bring back the remains of their kin so that they can accord him a decent sendoff with the bill standing at Ksh.1.5 million.