Families of six Kenyan victims sue Boeing over Ethiopia airlines plane crash

Families of six Kenyan victims sue Boeing over Ethiopia airlines plane crash

For the first first time ever, Kenyans will be suing a Giant American airplane maker Boeing following the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

This was after at least six Kenyan families gave instructions to a consortium of Kenyan and American lawyers to demand justice for their loved ones who perished in the March 10, 2019 crash.

It’s probably unheard of for Kenyans who reside in Kenya to move to a US Court to demand justice from the world’s Super Power. But that will also not be a walk in the park, as a civil Suit in the US is complicated and evidence driven.

Already, the American lawyers have had to issue a claim notice to the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency that regulates airplane manufacturing and air travel.

The lawyers accuse FAA of conspiring with Boeing to produce un-airworthy airplanes but it wont be until the expiry of six months that a suit can take effect against FAA.

In the meantime, victims lawyers from Kenya and the US have been conferring, gathering evidence from both victims’ families and from expert analysis to proceed with the case against Boeing.

This is after a suit was filed at the Northern District Court in Illinois State.

In a few weeks’ to months’ time, the Presiding Judge will call a second pre-trial conference where the case will be assessed on whether it can proceed to trial.

By the time full trial commences, it could take at least 18 months and a maximum of two and a half years since the case was filed.

Should the case proceed to trial in the event parties fail to settle, then a jury will be selected from the general public to sit in the judgment of the case. The jury shall listen to arguments of attorneys.

By the conclusion of the trial, the victims’ lawyers should convince the Jury how and why Boeing was negligent.

They must also make recommendations on the damages they seek in the case giving basis for the amounts they ask.

Any dissatisfied party can appeal at the US Court of Appeal and later at the Supreme Court.

But just what would it take to put one of the largest Aircraft manufacturers to its defense and what are the chances of success in punishing Boeing?