Embu: Mourners forced to carry casket on their shoulders after hearse got stuck in mud

Embu: Mourners forced to carry casket on their shoulders after hearse got stuck in mud

Residents of Kamugere village in Embu county were forced to carry a casket on their shoulders for several kilometers after the funeral hearse got stuck in mud on a bad stretch of road.

After attempts to tow the hearse hit a snag, solemn mourners rose to the occasion, hoisting the casket on their shoulder for a tedious walk. 

A relative of the deceased, Andrew Kinyua who spoke to Wimwaro FM said their attempts to get help from the county government in transporting the remains of their kin had fallen on deaf ears.

“This was supposed to be a quiet and peaceful send-off, but it has added salts to raw wounds,” Mr Kinyua said.

Mr. Kinyua said attempts to reach their area MP Muchangi Karemba on the status of the road had been fruitless as he had instead directed them to their local MCA Mr. Muchangi.

“If the MP and the MCA don’t know who should fix the road, then whom should we approach? The Governor? “

Feeder roads in the region which get worse when it rains have not seen tarmac since independence, and residents are getting restless.

Jane Nyakio, a student said the terrible roads have made it impossible for locals to access medical care, go to school or even take their produce to the market.

“We do not even know who to approach now but peeople here especially children and the elderly are suffering, we appeal to the goverment to see to it that this nightmare ends,” Nyakio said.

Several elderly people in the region have suffered fractures after slipping on the treacherous, slippery roads.

Another resident Njagi Njeru said residents have even picketed in the recent past, but their cries continue to be ignored by leaders who only return after five years seeking fresh mandate.