Electricity Union issues 21 day strike notice

Electricity Union issues 21 day strike notice

Employees of the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) have issued a twenty one day strike notice to push for the implementation of a new  salary structure.

Through the Kenya Electrical Trades and Allied Workers Union (KETAWU), the company employees say the company has failed to conclude talks on a 2016 collective bargaining agreement.

KETAWU National General Secretary Ernest Nadome says they are seeking a ten percent salary increase for GDC staff but management has been derailing talks.

The union also accuses management of being insensitive to employees’ welfare and exposing them to hazardous working conditions.

“For GDC, there is no cooperation from management, no consultative.meeting 2 years down the line. Management are insensitive,” said Nadome.

The Union has now warned that Kenya Power and KenGen employees could also join in the strike if the matter is not resolved.

“Prepare for a mother of all strikes, because when GDC strikes, KPLC and Kengen will also join in solidarity,” warned Nadome.

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