Eight killed in Bungoma night revenge attack

Eight killed in Bungoma night revenge attack

Eight people among them five villagers and three suspects were killed after suspected members of the outlawed Sabaot Land Defence Group (SLDG) raided Masaek village in Mt. Elgon, Bungoma County on Monday night.

The victims, including three children of one family were shot, with other residents being stabbed and three women raped in the attack.

The gang, wielding guns and pangas lured unsuspecting villagers out of their houses by reportedly raising false alarm pretending to be under attack, only for them to attack residents who came out to respond to the cries.

In retaliation, the villagers lynched three suspected of being members of the Sabaot Land Defence Group.

Cheptais Deputy County Commissioner Stephen Momanyi confirmed the incident saying the killers could have been on a revenge mission.

“We suspect former fighters of the Sabaot Land Defence Force are on a revenge mission, targeting people who they suspect might have leaked their names to the security apparatus,” he said, vowing to firmly deal with the killers.

Momanyi further warned residents to surrender illicit weapons to security agencies before an operation is launched.

“We want people to live in peace, not in fear,” he said.

The eight bodies were taken to the Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.

The Sabaot Land Defence Group seemed to have been wiped out after its infamous leader, Wycliffe Matakwei, was killed in a government-sanctioned military operation in 2008.

The group had been accused of killing more than 600 people, and committing atrocities including murder, torture, rape, theft and destruction of property.