Eastmatt reveals that man who assaulted female cashier is their employee

Eastmatt reveals that man who assaulted female cashier is their employee

It has now emerged that a man caught on video assaulting a female cashier at Eastmatt Supermarket in Kajiado is an employee.

A statement from the retailer acknowledged that the cashier had been “physically abused by another employee and is getting the appropriate medical attention.”

Eastmatt further said that the man in question has been suspended and a report filed at the Kajiado Police Station.

The statement however did not indicate whether the man had been arrested.

According to the Daily Nation, the incident is said to have occurred on Friday, November 22, 2019.

In the video, the man is seen slapping the female cashier on the left cheek.

She then holds up her hands, that had money from the register, against her face to protect herself.

He then hits her again and pulls her by the hair before hitting the back of her head.

At this point, the cashier grabs his hand but he seems stronger than her and pulls her off the chair she was seated on.

The money she was holding has fallen from her hands.

At this point, no one has intervened to stop the man who then goes around the  counter to gain better access to the cashier.

He tries to pull her out but she resists so he hits her again and she falls to the floor.

The only thing standing between them is the black chair she was sitting on.

She stands up and he hit her again, again and again, before pulling her out by her collar.

Another man in a white shirt emerges and jumps over the black chair that was pushed out as the assault went on.

He grabs a hold of the man’s hands from the back, freeing the cashier from his grip.

It took approximately 49 seconds for the cashier to get help.

— Patrick Senior (@PatrickSenior10) November 23, 2019