Eastleigh family demands justice for son who was arrested but later found dead

Eastleigh family demands justice for son who was arrested but later found dead

The family of Ramadhan Bakari will find out what caused his death on Monday when a post mortem examination is to be held.

The family insists their kin was murdered by a police officer as he was last seen when he was being arrested.

They are calling on authorities to investigate and bring the perpetrators to book.

Ramadhan, a Form Two student went missing only for his body to be discovered in an open field, bearing strangulation marks indicating possible torture.

From the mysterious disappearance of Ramadhan to his brutal murder, his mother Rukiya Bakari confirmed her fears at the City Mortuary on Friday.

The family was informed that the body that was brought in Friday morning was picked up from an open field in Kasarani.

Physical examination revealed that Ramadhan, who was allegedly under arrest when last seen alive, might have been strangled using a ligature.

His uncle, part of the family delegation that went to City Mortuary, saying his nephew was also tortured.

“Hii inaonyesha aliteswa kabla ya kuuawa kwa sababu ya vile ngozi imetoka kwa mkono kama mtu alikuwa anamchoma…ni kama walitaka information fulani,” said Jafari Bakari, the uncle.

Human rights defenders are now blaming the police for laxity as such cases continue to surface.

“Swali langu ni moja, hadi lini? Kesi kama hizi zitafanyika ngapi? Or is there a target? Zifike ngapi ndio waseme ni basi?” Posed Zina Kombo from HAKI Africa.

Ramadhan Bakari, the Form Two student at Balozi Secondary School was allegedly arrested on December 10, 2020 alongside a friend who is reported to have been released shortly after.

An autopsy is expected to be conducted on his body on Monday to establish the exact cause of death.