EACC forms steering committee to help fight graft in Embu

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched the civilian Anti-Corruption Steering Committee in Embu with Governor Martin Wambora revealing that his government will use treated monies to nab corrupt officers in the system.

Wambora said that the fight against graft in his government must give tangible results and that they will employ all means necessary to nab those involved in the vice.

Speaking During the launch in Embu, the Governor said that graft is being perpetuated by his officers thus denying residents services, something he says will not be tolerated.

He said that public funds ought to be protected at all cost since corruption is denying Kenyans development.

Wambora said that this will be donein conjunction with CID officers who will offer treated monies to officers demanding bribes in order to nab and charge them.

Jesse Mutullah, the Vice Chair of the National Anti-Corruption Steering Committee, called on Kenyans to fully participate in the war against graft.

Mutura said that it is the responsibility of every Kenyan to fight graft and not point fingers as corruption starts with individuals.

Report by Peter Gachanja