Duale: First time in a mature democracy that a president is organising the opposition

Duale: First time in a mature democracy that a president is organising the opposition

Former National Assembly Leader of Majority Aden Duale has weighed in on the festering relationship between two former brothers, Uhuru and DP Ruto who no longer appear to see eye to eye. 

In an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday, Duale argued that it was the first time in a mature democracy that the President had left his rank and file of over 8 million people to go organise the opposition.

“The president has assembled a group of leaders representing tribal interests, I know President Uhuru, I have worked with him for the last 8 years,” Duale said on Wednesday “It has never happened in any mature democracy, the an elected president leaves his rank and file to go organise the opposition” 

The Garissa Township MP acknowledged that, while it is customary for a retiring president to select a successor from among the key leaders vying, a president selecting a successor from the opposition appears to be an excerpt from a book that only Uhuru has read.

He gave an example of South Africa, where embattled President Jacob Zuma hoped to leave the presidency to his wife Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma who had just returned home in 2017 after successful stint at the African Union. 

That notwithstanding, it would be Cyril Ramaphosa who carried the day. 

According to Duale, while the President may have conflicts with his deputy, the Jubilee party is a bag of ripe grapes with plenty of leaders to choose from.

Duale, referring to a recent meeting in Mombasa between President Kenyatta and opposition leaders, accused the Head of State of meeting tribal leaders from Kenya’s five largest tribes.

Meanwhile, Suba MP and Minority Leader John Mbadi, who was part of the same interview, appeared to be reading from a different script when it came to the Ruto-Uhuru saga.

According to Mbadi, the Uhuru-Ruto relationship was not ruined by the handshake pact between Raila and Uhuru. 

“How did the handshake destroy a relationship that was strong? I think Uhuru tolerated his deputy during the first term,” Mbadi said. 

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