DPP Haji, Kinoti meet FBI boss in fight against corruption

DPP Haji, Kinoti meet FBI boss in fight against corruption

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has commended DPP Noordin Haji and DCI George Kinoti for the renewed fight against corruption in Kenya.

Speaking when he met the two officials in Washington on Tuesday, FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich said the American agency will support efforts to curb the practice.

The meeting comes against the backdrop of increased cases of arrests and prosecution of suspects linked to corruption, most of whom were previously perceived as ‘untouchable.’

Last month, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter also met with the DCI and said ‘the big fish’ must be caught and made an example of. “USA is backing you 100percent,” he said.

“It’s not about real money any more; its about everything going and Kenya being on its death bed, if this is not curbed. This is beyond theft or corruption.

“It is Kenyans stealing from their own coffers; stealing from oneself. As Kenyans we probably need to come up with a terminology which  will capture that this is  beyond theft and corruption,” he said.

The DPP also warned that no one is immune to their efforts in fighting corruption including those in positions of power and members of his staff linked to the vice.

“If there is sufficient evidence then we will prosecute you,” said Haji.

The DPP and DCI Kinoti are in Washington D.C. to also spearhead talks with the American security agency on how to boost the fight against terrorism.

The United States Government has said it will be part of the process that will establish a Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force in Kenya.