Don’t serve God with the intention of getting rich, Pope to Christians

Don’t serve God with the intention of getting rich, Pope to Christians

Pope Francis has urged Catholics in the country to pray without ceasing and stay rooted in the faith.

Addressing a mass at St Mary’s in Nairobi on Thursday, the Pope said Christians should focus on remaining in the faith despite the challenges they face in life.

He urged Christians to also focus on serving others instead of wanting to be served and should avail themselves to be used by God.

Pope Francis further stated that there is need for Christians to follow Jesus and look up to him when they have lost direction and have no answers to life issues.

“There are some who do not know why the Lord called them but are sure that they have been called. You should be at peace because the Lord will direct you on the path to take,” said the Pope.

He also cautioned Christians who have chosen to believe in the Lord for personal interests to shift their focus and be truthful saying though there is the temptation to seek religious positions for the sake of money and power; it is paramount to resist the urge and be true in faith.

“There is the temptation to follow the Lord with ambitions for money and power that thought may have passed out minds and took seat in the heart as a weed.”

“The life of following Jesus is devoid of the ambitions for richness and wealth, to be an important person in the world you should know that there is no room for such desires. All you should worry about is going to the cross then let the Lord worry about the resurrection.”

The Pope also urged Christians to pray for him saying everyone is a sinner and needs God’s forgiveness.

Early Thursday, Pope Francis attended a mass at the University of Nairobi where he called on Kenyans to continue embracing strong family values based on the word of God and African traditions.

He said couples need to cherish one another to build an environment of stable families saying God’s desire is to have strong families built on the foundation of his holy word.

“God wants all of us to build our lives in the foundation of his word, that is the charge the Lord gives to each of us,” said Pope Francis.

He also challenged Kenyans to show concern for the poor and learn to live in harmony and respect with one another.

The Pope also urged the youth to build a just society that is inclusive.

Pope Francis visited the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Headquarters in Gigiri.

He will conclude his visit to Kenya on Friday with a tour of Kangemi and an address to the youth at the Kasarani Stadium.