Detectives visit scene where Jennifer Wambua’s body was found in Ngong Forest

Detectives visit scene where Jennifer Wambua’s body was found in Ngong Forest

Investigations to unravel the mysterious death of Jennifer Wambua, the National Land Commission’s (NLC) Interim Director of Communications, entered the second day on Tuesday with homicide detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) visiting the scene where her body was found in the Embul bul area of Ngong.

Herdsmen who were first at the scene on Saturday morning said they were shocked by the state of  Wambua’s body when they stumbled upon it.

“Mimi nilikuwa nachunga ng’ombe hapa…nikamuona…nikashangaa kwa nini huyu mama analala mpaka sai…nikamkaribia nikaona ni kama amekufa, nikaenda kureport kwa polisi” said Paul Njuki.

“Tulikuja tukapata mama hapo amelala, tukasema ni wale watu wankuja tu kukaa na kutembea…tukaona amelala sana tukajua huyu mtu hayuko hai,” added Thomas Inkoi.

The herdsmen further said Jennifer was half naked when they found her.

“Nilipata yeye amekufa ameweka mikono (across the chest)…alikuwa na nguo moja ya hapa juu,” said Njuki.

“Mwili ulikuwa umefura…miguu ulikuwa umefura…hatukujua uso wake sababu alikuwa amelala kuangalia chini…polisi walikuja wakakosa kumjua sababu sio wa hii area,” stated Inkoi.

It is an incident that has once again raised fear and tension in the area, with residents saying incidents of bodies found dumped in the area have become common.

Homicide detectives from the DCI visited the area trying to piece details regarding the suspected murder incident.

Wambua, a former Machakos-based journalist, was last seen on Friday last week leaving her workplace at Ardhi House at around 10am.

She did not return home from work on that day and was missing until Monday when her family identified her body at the City Mortuary.

Detectives are expected to perform a post-mortem examination to determine the cause of her death.

Wambua was a key State witness in several corruption cases, and was due to testify in one of the cases on Tuesday.

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