Detectives recover Ksh.52,000 from one of the rescued girls’ phone

Detectives recover Ksh.52,000 from one of the rescued girls’ phone

Detectives are investigating a child trafficking syndicate targeting secondary school girls for sexual exploitation by enticing them to join modeling agencies to earn extra cash while in school.

The six lost and found girls aged between 14 and 16 years on Sunday finally rejoined their families after two days of grilling by detectives at the DCI’s children protection unit.

The girls, who underwent medical examination on Saturday night, are said to have opened up on the events leading to their disappearance and how they were recruited to what police believe is a child trafficking syndicate.

A source privy to investigations told Citizen TV that one of the missing girls from Komarock had confessed that she spent the night at a house in Buruburu estate where 16 other girls were holed up in the company of four men.

According to her statement, the other girls were picked by random men early the next day with the host who is only known by the name ‘Alex’ transferring her to Thika where she was to live in his brother’s house.

It is in Thika where she was joined by two of her friends who were allegedly brought by ‘Alex’ for partying. One of the girls is said to have escaped from the home after she was mistreated and went to stay at a male friend’s house in Githurai area.

Reports indicate that the girls used to shuttle from Thika to Buruburu and Kiambu to attend parties where after being served drugs and alcoholic drinks they could be recruited into stripping.

Detectives are still on the trail of four suspects sought in relation to what was happening in those houses.

The source intimated that during the probe, one of the girls was found with over Ksh.52,000, funds that they had contributed as a group to fund a secret trip to Malindi where they were to camp until January when schools are supposed to reopen.

Detectives are also probing the ‘Carty Gang, a group of nine boys who are high school students and who reside in Komarock area that is said to be actively involved in the recruitment of girls.

This latest revelation now prompting the detectives to broaden their investigations in search of the recruiters and financiers of the illicit trade.

DCI boss George Kinoti warned those involved in abusing children that stern legal action will be taken against them and asked parents to take a keen interest in their children’s activities at home and on social media networks.