Deal with corruption firmly, President Obama tells Kenyatta

Deal with corruption firmly, President Obama tells Kenyatta

U.S. President Barack Obama has called on Kenya and other African countries to develop and implement concrete strategies and policies to fight corruption.

President Obama, who was speaking during a joint press briefing with President Uhuru Kenyatta in State House, Nairobi, said the war on graft must be escalated by putting in place laws that properly govern the use of taxpayers’ resources.

Obama added that America is doing everything possible to help Kenya in strengthening institutions and agencies tasked with the responsibility of fighting corruption.

He added that; “Good governance leads to transparency, growth and economic prosperity” saying Kenya must respect the rule of law if this is to be achieved.

Mr. Obama noted that civil societies play a crucial role in keeping the government accountable and ensuring that resources are adequately allocated and used.

The U.S. President emphasized the importance of action saying it is not development of policies that has the greatest power to thwart graft. Instead, he said that implementation of policies that are well anchored within the laws of the country is paramount in the fight against corruption.

He added that fighting corruption is a collective responsibility and not a preserve of the government. He underscored the role of the media, saying; “Free press makes a country strong and plays an active role in the war against corruption.”

His sentiments were in line with those of President Uhuru Kenyatta who said his government has been in the forefront in fighting corruption and instilling public confidence in the country’s leadership.