Cuban doctors arrive in counties

Cuban doctors arrive in counties

The recently hired Cuban doctors have now arrived in counties across the country, raising hope that they will boost healthcare among locals.

While receiving two Cuban specialists in his county, Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria expressed confidence that the extra pairs of hands will beef up operations in hospitals across the county.

“Because i understand Cuba is very rich in the management of community health we really want to learn from you in that,” said Governor wa Iria.

” We are here to work and also to learn from your culture and country, you take from us as we take from you too,” said Sergio Diaz, Plastic Surgeon from Cuba.

Muranga received a family doctor and a plastic surgeon who has already performed one surgery after deployment Saturday.

In Narok county, Governor Samuel ole Tunai promised to employ translators to accompany the specialists in combating the language barrier hurdle facing them. The county is now looking for Spanish speaking individuals who can also speak the Maa language.

The situation no different in Nakuru where Governor Lee Kinyanjui received two specialists. Kinyanjui stated that he is in communication with neighbouring counties for an exchange program of the different specialists sent to the region.

“Knowledge transfers is everything because at the end of two years their contract with us will have come to an end but what we have learnt from them stays,”said Governor Kinyanjui.

Nyeri and Bungoma, Bomet and Machackos counties also received the specialists who are among 100, Cuban doctors who just concluded an induction seminar in Nairobi before being deployed to counties.

The Cuban specialists include among others three radiologists, 5 nephrologists, orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and neurologists.

The government insists that the specialists from Cuba, will build capacity in Level 4 and Level 5 hospitals across the country.

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