CS Waiguru dismisses graft allegations as personalized attacks

CS Waiguru dismisses graft allegations as personalized attacks

Devolution and Planning Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has dismissed reports that she has been involved in graft after a report emerged that billions had been lost through fraudulent deals.

In a statement on her facebook page, the CS said that the recent reports in the media were untrue and aimed at bringing her name into disrepute.

Her statement, which was in response to reports that her Ministry inflated the costs of items procured during the 2013 – 2014 financial year, she said there was a deliberate refusal by the media to recognize her role as the CS and those of officers under her, who are either accounting officers or AIE holders.

“Both by law and in practice, I do not procure. I do not purchase anything for the Ministry. I don’t sign or negotiate contracts,” she said.

She made clear her role in fighting corruption saying: “Where instances of possible malpractices have been brought to my attention, I have called in investigative authorities.”

She further noted that at no point has any investigations by either the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC), the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) or any other state agent probed her of any graft allegations.

Ms Waiguru questioned as to why similar and more serious graft allegations in other government have not been personalized like in her case.

“Surely, this is no longer about the fight on corruption. Its calculated evil, vindictive and ill intentioned,” she said.

“It’s an unfortunate distraction from the work the Ministry has been doing in the last two years.”

She further dismissed claims that she had procured a piano and a TV set at a cost of over Ksh 1 million for her office saying that such items do not exist in her office.

The report went viral on Social Media with Kenyans expressing their dissatisfaction with the decision by the CS to stay put in office despite the many graft allegations.

According to the Financial Register for the year 2013 – 2014 in our possession, the Ministry inflated the cost of basic commodities supplied to it during the same fiscal year.

For instance, the Ministry, according to the document, procured 18 male and female condom dispensers at a cost of Ksh 450,000, which translates to Ksh 25,000 each.

The document also shows that the Ministry bought 20 ball point pens at Ksh 174,000. However, it is not clear on whether the quantity indicated is per packaging box or per pen. If the cost is per pen, it means each piece was bought at Ksh 8,700; if per packaging box, it means each piece (pen) was bought at Ksh 435.

However, while appearing before the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee chaired by Nicholas Gumbo, Planning Principle Secretary Peter Mangiti said the documents in question were the wrong one as his staff had‘messed’ up everything.

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