CS Mutahi Kagwe asks GEMA politicians to unite, hold meetings without fear

CS Mutahi Kagwe asks GEMA politicians to unite,  hold meetings without fear

Health Ministry Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has lauded efforts by Mt Kenya region politicians to hold meetings, aimed at charting the region’s future.

CS Kagwe was speaking on Sunday when he attended the Akorino conference at the Kasarani Stadium.

He was accompanied by among others, Health PS Nicholas Muraguri, Education CAS Zack Kinuthia, Murang’a woman representative Sabina Chege, Ruiru MP Simon Kingara and Mathioya MP Peter Kimari.

The CS asked the leaders from the region to meet freely, asking them not to succumb to the politics of fear.

“Kama sisi watu wa Mount Kenya inafaa tushikane ndio sauti yetu inaskika na nikisema viongozi wetu wa Gema waendelee kukutana hiyo ni siasa kweli, hatutakubali kutishwa ati watu wa Mount Kenya wakikutana ni ukabila,” he said.

He argued that every time GEMA politicians hold meetings, they are accused of being tribal yet leaders from all over the country hold similar meetings, some with over 200 people at a go.

“You fought for the freedom from the colonialists, do not allow yourselves to be beaten into submission with politics of fear,” he added.

He asked critics to stop reading too much into the meetings and at the same time asked GEMA to be united, so that their voice can be heard.

“If I tell the GEMA people to stay together, is that politics? If I tell politicians from this region to meet without fear, will I be politicking?” he asked.

Kagwe’s sentiments come just a day after word broke out that over 50 politicians met at Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru’s home in Thika on Friday night.

Critics had claimed the meeting which was attended by among others, Interior PS Karanja Kibicho focused on the 2022 politics.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria who was in attendance however poured cold water on the claims, saying the leaders only discussed “repositioning of our core counties with the additional resources that will ultimately come with the new formula”.

Kuria told off critics who had attempted to “create suspicion, misinformation, innuendo and propaganda” saying:

“When Mt Kenya meets its followed by suspicion, misinformation, innuendo and propaganda. There was no politics- Absolutely None- at Thika Greens yesterday, let alone succession politics,”

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