CS Kagwe slams ‘indisciplined Kenyans’ as coronavirus cases rise

CS Kagwe slams ‘indisciplined Kenyans’ as coronavirus cases rise

A visibly agitated Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Tuesday slammed a section of Kenyan citizens for allegedly refusing to abide by government directives on combating the spread of the coronavirus.

Since the first positive case of Covid-19 was recorded in Kenya on March 13, 2020, the government has come up with a raft of measures aimed at decongesting public places and improving hygiene all in the name of containing the novel disease.

Among these measures have included imposing of self-quarantine for Kenyans who jet back into the country from coronavirus-hit areas; shutting down of bars and restaurants; suspension of church services and burials; as well as slashing the number of passengers in public service vehicles by half.

However, according to CS Kagwe, some Kenyans have continuously disregarded these directives every step of the way, choosing instead to put their lives – and those of others close to them – at risk.

The tough-talking CS, speaking during a press conference at Afya House, noted that this reckless behavior by some few individuals may eventually cost the nation a big deal in the fight against the coronavirus.

“We are suffering from cases of indiscipline; Kenyans are exhibiting a very indisciplined behavior, and this is going to cost us,” he stated.

He also cautioned parents against employing househelps during this period to look after their kids while they work, advising them to instead monitor the minors personally.

“The kids were not sent home on holiday; they were sent home for protection. When we tell people ‘keep your kids safe’, we don’t mean you bring somebody in who, for all you know, is coronavirus-positive,” he said.

“We are telling you to keep your kids home with you, not exposing them to the disease; that’s why they’re home in the first place. It’s a grievous mistake for us to give your child because we don’t want them exposed, and then you go exposing the child at home.”

He added: “And then afterwards, you call us and say ‘serikali saidia.’ It wont work. This is one time when you saidia…because the government won’t help each and every home and every child. We want responsibility among citizens. I would like to urge all Kenyans to fully support the measures being undertaken by the government to cut off transmission of the virus in our country.”