Crushing Central rebellion, Uhuru planned tour after outburst

Crushing Central rebellion, Uhuru planned tour after outburst

Even as State House on Tuesday denied a split in the Presidency, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s vicious outburst directed at a section of Central Kenya MPs loyal to his Deputy William Ruto continue to elicit reactions from the Mount Kenya region and beyond.

Days after his tirade, the President is now expected to tour his backyard inspecting development projects and at the same time dealing with the growing dissent.

Mnajua Rais ni mvumilivu…kila alipokuwa kwenye mikutano, alisema jamani tuacheni siasa, tushughulikie maendeleo na umoja wa wakenya, akasema mara ya kwanza, ya pili, ya tatu ikawa wimbo…,” said Kanze Dena-State House Spokesperson.

” …Hata kwenye physics wanasema kunai le elastic limit, wakati umefika wa kutambua kuwa masuala ya siasa hayatapewa kipau mbele…maendeleo kwanza…,” she added

President Kenyatta on Sunday termed the Pro-Ruto brigade crooks who had turned their back on him, despite running on his wave to clinch parliamentary seats.

The seemingly irate Head of State further threatened to crush them politically for allegedly sabotaging his legacy agenda.

The targeted lawmakers feeling the heat, though defiant.

“ I don’t agree with anyone who says the President had a right to speak the way he did, he had no right to insult, demean and ridicule people who were elected just like he was….,” said Alice Wahome-MP Kandara.

The Kenyatta succession scramble has split the Jubilee Party into two; Tanga Tanga which is allied to DP Ruto and Kieleweke that claims to insulate Kenyatta’s legacy term from early campaigns.

“You need to first sort out the mess in your house, bring your people together. Should we be spoken to like that? Why can’t we be called in a meeting?  There are structures to deal even with errant members…,” added Wahome.

“What I find strange is that people who were dressed down publicly are now complaining. When you misbehave publicly you must be dressed down publicly…,” said Ngunjiri Wambugu- MP Nyeri

The March 9th handshake between Kenyatta and ODM Leader Raila Odinga radically altered the country’s political landscape, particularly the succession matrix in the Jubilee Party.

Even as President Kenyatta prepares to tour his backyard, the defiant Central Kenya MPs are now accusing him of losing control of the party and resorting to high handedness.

“Mr. President, how are we able to continue together if we shout at each other in public? We continue fighting Jubilee in-house party issues instead of sorting them out in private…also make sure that Raila and his affiliates don’t take advantage of the handshake to continue divisive politics in Jubilee…how can you say we handshake person A, and lock out B? ,” queried Catherine Waruguru- Laikipia Woman Representative.

“ All that Raila has said is we shook hands with the President, and we support him in his agenda…there is no day he said so and so is good, so and so is bad…,” said Gladys Wanga-Homabay Woman Rep.

While the rift in Jubilee continues to widen, three MPs are now calling for the expulsion of their colleagues rooting for DP Ruto’s State House bid.

“ If you feel that as a member of Jubilee you don’t subscribe to the ideals of Jubilee then the best thing to do is to return the certificate and seek fresh mandate from the electorate…,” Kanini Kiega- MP Kieni.

“…Atuite sisi wanachama wa Jubilee atusomee riot act…kama kuna mtu hampendezi hata kama ni Wamuchomba amtupe nje,” said Gathoni Wamuchomba-Kiambu Woman Rep.

President Kenyatta did not mention DP Ruto on Sunday but his choice of words and language left no doubt on what could have caused his anger.

The Deputy President, though accused of embarking on early campaigns, has however insisted his loyalty to President Kenyatta.

“I thank you for picking me twice to be your deputy,” said DP Ruto on Sunday.