CORD ‘approves’ nomination of Maraga as Chief Justice

CORD ‘approves’ nomination of Maraga as Chief Justice

CORD leader, Raila Odinga, has welcomed the nomination of Court of Appeal Judge, David Kenani Maraga, as the new Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of The Republic of Kenya.

In a statement, Odinga acknowledged Maraga as an experienced advocate and judge with a deep understanding of issues relating to human and public rights as well as governance and the exercise of power.

While appreciating that Justice Maraga will face many challenges as the head of the Judiciary, Odinga insisted that among the problems he would deal with include corruption in our legal system as well as interference by the executive saying this has caused delay in the administration of Justice.

“I urge our new Chief Justice never to allow the courts to sacrifice, compromise or dilute, in any shape or form, this sacred duty delegated to the Judiciary by ‘we, the people’,” read the statement in part.

“Let him hold to the foundational values and principles of Kenya as a sovereign Republic. All of us should never forget the heroic struggles of those who struggle to bring freedom and justice to our land.”

At the same time, the Wiper Democratic Movement – Kenya has also congratulated Justice Maraga on his nomination.

“As Wiper, we undertake to do everything reasonable to ensure that the appointment of Hon. Mr. Justice Maraga receives the approval of the National Assembly.”

Wiper has strongly expressed confidence in Maranga saying that they believe that he will continue to successfully carry on the Judicial Transformation Initiative that was started by his predecessor, Hon. Dr. Justice Willy Mutunga.

“ We trust that the Hon. Justice Maraga has the requisite gravitas, experience, knowledge, neutrality, independence and the drive to oversee the successful consideration of any presidential election petition should one arise before the Supreme Court,” read the Wiper statement.

Court of Appeal Judge David Maraga is poised to become the next Chief Justice after the Judicial Service Commission nominated him out of the 11 candidates interviewed for the job.

Maraga’s name has now been forwarded to the President for consideration.

The 64-year-old appellate court judge beat other 11 applicants, who were interviewed for the CJ’s post and is now set to become Willy Mutunga’s successor, after JSC commissioners awarded him 84 marks out of a hundred points.