Cops pursuing caregiver after 3 initiates died following a botched circumcision

Cops pursuing caregiver after 3 initiates died following a botched circumcision

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) are pursuing a caregiver following a botched circumcision that left two dead.

A police report seen by Citizen Digital noted that one of the victims, George Kibet had been buried hurriedly at an unidentified grave by the suspect and his father after he succumbed to an unknown infection. 

Other family members, the report noted, had not been made aware of the death or the burial. 

Family members only raised alarm after discovering that Kibet had gone missing for several days. 

The suspect, identified as Sitinei Kibiomet fled his Ndurumo home in Rumuruti to an unknown destination after learning that sleuths were hot at his wake.

A father of the deceased – Julius Chesang – is currenntly in police custody and  is helping police in the probe.

Preliminary probe indicates that 25 boys underwent the knife on December 15 and were handed over to the suspect who was supposed to take care of them.

The procedure had been performed by a clinical officer.

Reports further indicate that some boys were struck down by an infection while on the mend.

Two initiates have since succumbed while two others are currently admitted at Unison Medical Centre, in Rumuruti.

Detectives also uncovered that a third initiate had also died prior to Kibet’s death. He had also been buried hurriedly within the caregiver’s compound.

Police officers probing the matter are yet to locate where the grave of the second initiate was dug.

In a statement on Saturday, the DCI said they would be seeking exhumation orders to aid in the autopsy.

Detectives will also widen the scope of their investigations to establish whether COVID-19 restrictions were adhered to, and if other relevant government agencies were notified, including whether burial permits were obtained.

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