‘Cliff Ombeta has no license to practice as a lawyer,’ says LSK

‘Cliff Ombeta has no license to practice as a lawyer,’ says LSK

It has now emerged that the Law Society of Kenya has withdrawn the practicing certificate of controversial city lawyer Cliff Ombeta.

Speaking in court during the murder trial of slain lawyer Willy Kimani, LSK insisted that Ombeta does not have enough points to practice as a lawyer as reason for withdrawing his certificate.

According to LSK, Ombeta is therefore unqualified to be before court.

This comes barely two weeks after the High Court in Nairobi ordered Ombeta to get another advocate to represent three accused persons in the Willy Kimani murder case. This was after Ombeta failed to appear in court to represent his three clients.

On July 12, 2019, an irate Ombeta told off the Prosecution after they accused him of not being forthright about his reported illness.

The bitter exchange was filmed inside the courtroom before trial judge Justice Jessie Lessit arrived.

When she entered the courtroom, Ombeta’s dressing is the first thing that caught her attention.

“You are not dressed properly,” she said, to which the advocate responded: “I apologise to the court…it’s not intentional…it’s the circumstances…”

Ombeta claimed that he has been unwell since Saturday and was told to be on bedrest for four days.

Ombeta has in been in the limelight for his high level cases among them the murder case against controversial televangelist Apostle James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism and the case against drug barons the Akasha brothers who have since been extradited to the US among others.