CJ Maraga officially leaves office but not without final slam at politicians

CJ Maraga officially leaves office but not without final slam at politicians

Chief Justice David Maraga has retired and handed over to his Deputy Philomena Mwilu who takes over in acting capacity.

Maraga, who is known to pull no punches, used his final speech to slam politicians over claims that they are ‘better than judges’.

“I want to tell you judges, Kenyans have bestowed you to be the guardians of our constitution, I have heard politicians say they are better since they are elected. I want to tell you that you are in a better position than them. You live in this country and you have seen the politics. If you waiver, God will punish you. Do the right thing for the people of Kenya,” he said.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony at the Supreme Court, Maraga reiterated that the country must invest in the judiciary.

The sentiments echoed his frustrations back in 2019 when he blasted the Government over alleged mistreatment and disrespect.

At the time, the CJ cited budgetary cuts and several incidences to highlight what he described as the contemptuous treatment of the Judiciary.

He disclosed that on a number of occasions, he had not been accorded the respect befitting his office.

On Monday, he called for an end to impunity, urging Kenyans to support the acting CJ and his successor.

Maraga’s controversial tenure was marked by the historic nullification of the 2017 presidential election results.

It was the first presidential election to be annulled not only in Kenya but also in the whole of Africa.

In 2020, he again made an unprecedented move advising President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament for failure to implement the gender principle.

Maraga leaves office after having served the Judiciary for 18 years.