Catholic Bishops urge the opposition to call off demonstrations tomorrow

Catholic Bishops urge the opposition to call off demonstrations tomorrow

Catholic bishops have urged the opposition to call off demonstrations on voting day tomorrow.

Speaking during a press conference at Waumini House in Nairobi, the clerics, led by Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops chairperson Philip Anyolo urged National Super Alliance leader Raila Odinga to call off the demonstrations planned for October 26, election day, to prevent more loss of lives.

“We specifically appeal that the demonstrations called for on October 26 be called off. We appeal to President Kenyatta and honourable Raila to truly and sincerely look for means that will bring this election cycle to a closure,” said Bishop Anyolo.

The bishops say that voters who wish to vote tomorrow should be allowed to exercise their democratic right stressing that the right to life must be respected.

“We as religious leaders are calling upon the government and citizens to ensure that right to life is protected and that those who wish to vote are allowed to do so so peacefully and those who do not wish to vote should peacefully stay away from the voting exercise,” said Bishop Anyolo.

The church leaders also called on aggrieved parties to seek legal redress to address their grievances.

“In keeping with the constitution, we encourage those aggrieved to use the legal means and provide the mechanism to seek redress,” the bishops said.

They also called on the President Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila  to rein in on their supporters to cool the political temperature in the country.

“We want to see a shift towards proper democratic governance we have therefore appealed to President Kenyatta and honorable leader Raila  to appeal to their supporters either jointly or individually to salvage the beloved country Kenya from the current political standoff,” the clerics said.