Car grant for 2224 MCAs across the country fuels national debate

Car grant for 2224 MCAs across the country fuels national debate

2224 ward representatives across the country will now enjoy a car grant with the decision by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission fueling even more debate.

This after the SRC approved the proposal to give a Ksh.2million grant to each MCA saying the decision is informed by principles of equity and fairness.

As such all county assembly speakers and members of the county assembly who had taken car loans will now have the facility converted to a grant.

SRC argues that the new facility will not push up the expenditure ceiling, as an existing Ksh. 4.5 billion car loan facility will simply be converted to a car grant and the existing car loan scrapped.

The proposal had sparked national debate after President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga pledged to push the county leaders’ demands.

MCAs are seen as a critical part of the BBI process since at least 24 counties have to pass the bill for it to proceed to a referendum.

Kenyans took to Twitter to express their dismay over the SRC decision with some wondering why the government would put car grants for MCAs as a priority instead of pay for health workers.

Former Mandera Central MP Billow Kerrow said: “The duplicity! Only months earlier, SRC rejected allowances for our health workers. This morning, it advised Governors to give MCAs car grants totalling sh 4.5B. What a shame for an independent Constitutional commission that now plays second fiddle to the Executive.”

— sanchmode (@sanchmode) February 10, 2021

Another Twitter user who identifies himself as KResearcher posed: “How do you justify giving MCAs car grants, CAR GRANTS!!! in the middle of a pandemic that has caused an economic crises that has pushed 2 million Kenyans below the poverty line. What level of tone deafness is this?”

And Micere Nyaga, a special needs activist said: “So the SRC has approved 4.5B for the car grants of MCAs. Isn’t it a wonder how expeditiously these things are approved when it is beneficial to a few instead of when it will benefit the masses?. Let’s explore this issue.”

Alvin Mwangi added: “…And the insanity continues, We forgot about problems that doctors are going thru from this pressured health system and giving MCAs Car grants to floss around the area with no bursaries, schools or health centers! Rubbish!!”

Binti Swahiliya noted: “This country can make car grants to MCAs but is kicking out health workers out of state accommodations for demanding better working conditions.”


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