British army to continue training in Kenya in new deal

British army to continue training in Kenya in new deal

The United Kingdom (UK) has welcomed the ratification of Defence Cooperation Agreement by the National Assembly that will allow 10,000 British troops to continue training in Kenya.

This comes after the UK and Kenya on Thursday finalised a new Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) to cement the longstanding military partnership between the two nations.

The new agreement, now ratified by both the UK and Kenyan Parliaments, will allow for the continuation of British military training in Kenya currently worth Ksh 7.5 billion per year to the Kenyan economy.

It will also trigger an enhanced programme of co-operation between the two nations’ armed forces.

“I welcome the decision of the Kenyan Parliament to ratify the new Defence Co-operation Agreement,” said  the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Nic Hailey, who was speaking following the passage of the document through the Kenyan Parliament.

“The UK is Kenya’s longest-standing defence and security partner, and both countries want to see the relationship continue and grow. This new agreement is based on respect for each others’ sovereignty, and provides a legal basis for our military co-operation in line with the requirements of the Kenyan Constitution. It will allow us to increase significantly our military engagement with Kenya, enhancing the defence capability of both nations and contributing to Kenyan and wider regional security,” he added.

The new Defence Co-operation Agreement (DCA) has Treaty status, having been ratified by both the Kenyan and UK Parliaments following scrutiny by the relevant constitutional agencies.