‘Bring it on baby’ statement returns to haunt Senator Millicent Omanga as she changes tune

‘Bring it on baby’ statement returns to haunt Senator Millicent Omanga as she changes tune

“Bring it on baby… bring it on. We are waiting!” Those were the words of Jubilee Party Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga on Wednesday March 11, 2020.

Omanga was in a group of about 100 parliamentarians who gathered for a press briefing at Parliament buildings to defend Deputy President William Ruto against threats of impeachment by a rival camp of the Jubilee Party referred to as ‘Kieleweke.’

Donned in a red jacket and black dress, Omanga conspicuously stood out from the group dubbed ‘Tanga Tanga’ as she uttered words she perhaps never imagined would haunt her sooner than later.

In a show of solidarity with the country’s second-in-command and without mincing her words, Omanga said: “We hear that they want to bring a motion to impeach the Deputy President… I want to tell them ‘bring it on baby… bring it on. We are waiting. Let them bring the impeachment motion.”

She was accompanied by other perceived rebel Jubilee legislators among them Moses Kuria, who also at the same presser uttered the now infamous words: “Wakimwaga ugalitunamwaga kitoweo.” Also present was Susan Kihika, Mithika Linturi, Samson Cherargei, Mohamed Ali aka Jicho Pevu, David Ole Sankok and many others.

Barely three months later, tables have turned, and Senator Omanga is now singing a different tune.

The nominated Senator on Wednesday appeared before the Jubilee Party Disciplinary Committee after she was summoned over her fidelity to the party for failing to attend a Parliamentary Group meeting convened by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House.

Appearing before the committee, Omanga was tasked to explain what she was referring to when she said ‘bring it on… bring it on.”

Struggling to give a convincing response, Omanga claimed she was defending the party against “perpetrators” whom she said were all over social media.

“I was defending our party against the perpetrators; that is people who don’t support our party,” she said.

Asked to specifically point out the said perpetrators, she said: “Mr. Chair they are on social media. I was just responding to media and social media. it was a social media… media thing.”

Omanga humbly defended her loyalty to the party and declared before the committee that she will bend over backwards and will support the party and government in delivering its agenda.

“I’m very loyal to the party. When the party says jump you jump and when you’re in the middle you ask how high,” she said.

“I am a Jubilee Party member loyal to the party, party organs and party leadership and I will continue supporting the party and government in delivering the agenda in our manifesto… that  is what I stand for and will continue supporting.”

Omanga is among five nominated senators who are facing ouster from the party for skipping the PG meeting. The others include Mary Seneta, Falhada Iman, Naomi Jillo, and Victor Prengei who have all appeared before the disciplinary committee and defended themselves from possible expulsion from the party.

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