Brian Kimani’s body, withheld by Gertrude’s hospital over Ksh.17M bill, released after four months

Brian Kimani’s body, withheld by Gertrude’s hospital over Ksh.17M bill, released after four months

Gertrude’s Children Hospital has finally released the body of 13-year-old Brian Kimani Njoroge which had been detained for the last four months over a bill amounting to Ksh.17.8 million.

The family disclosed on Tuesday that the hospital management released the body on condition that the requirement on clearance of the bill shall be put on hold until two weeks after the boy is buried.

“After months of exchanging letters and numerous meetings, Getrude’s hospital management communicated to us through a letter dated Friday, June 13, 2020 that they would release the body of Brian for burial but under one condition which is that the bill and it’s clearance shall be pended and discussed two weeks after the burial in a meeting slotted on 29th June, 2020,” said the family, in a statement.

13-year-old Brian Kimani was undergoing treatment for Leukaemia at the Gertrudes’ Children Hospital for five and a half months before he passed away.

His family was forced to hold a burial for their son without his body on March 11 in Gatuikira, Kiambu County after they were unable to settle the pending bill.

Family and friends of Brian Kimani gathered at the ACK St. Stephens Church in Gatuikira where the boys image silently graced the altar for the memorial service.

At the time of the mock burial, the bill had dropped from Ksh.17.8 million to Ksh.11.9 million after Gertrude’s Children Hospital waived off Ksh.1.5 million, with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) settling Ksh.668,000. This, together with other payments done from donations, left the outstanding bill at Ksh.11.9 million.

Gertrude’s Children Hospital, however, insisted on withholding the body until the family finds a way to settle the Ksh.11.9 million bill accrued following the treatment Brian received at the facility for 5 months.

The body has been moved to the Chiromo mortuary awaiting burial.