Blame game at KNH starts as family claims son bypassed for surgery died

Blame game at KNH starts as family claims son bypassed for surgery died

Confusion surrounding patient mix up at the country’s largest referral hospital,Kenyatta National Hospital’s theatre, deepened after it emerged that the patient who deserved surgery and in whose place wrong patient was operated on is dead.

A family in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County is now claiming that it is their son, 25-year old Angelous Miano, who was bypassed in the ugly patient mix up.

According to the family, Miano succumbed to head injuries sustained from a motorbike accident for which the botched surgery had been prescribed to remove a blood clot.

On Friday March 2, Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki  stated, after allegedly visiting both patients, that their conditions had improved remarkably.

“Fortunately, the man who was supposed to have surgery has been treated and will not need to be operated on,”said CS Sicily

Citizen TV had not independently ascertained the identity of the patients involved in the mishap as the hospital shielded them from the media, granting access only to the Health CS.

The Second Year Nairobi University student’s portrait however , now puts a face to the mystery that appears to deepen by the day.

It is a mess that threatens to divide the medical fraternity with nurses feeling unduly singled out for a mistake which calls for collective responsibility.

“I’m sorry to say but if a nurse puts a label on a cow and then wheels that cow into the theatre will he just operate that cow? ,” queried Obuya Obego- the National Nurses Association of Kenya

At KNH, the hospital’s board began its sittings on Saturday March 3, as directed by Health Cabinet Secretary Sicilly Kariuki.

Meanwhile, legislators from Kericho County where the beleaguered KNH CEO Lilly Koros hail from cried foul that she was being victimised.

” The rot in Kenyatta is institutional, it isn’t about 1 person or two. If it was in the spirit of collective responsibility, then the buck stops with the minister,” said Belgut MP Nelson Koech

“If you look at what has been happening at KNH in the last few weeks and months,, you will be able to read a well choreographed scheme by well placed individuals who want to paint Koros as someone who doesn’t understand the management of such an institution so as to pave way for racketeers and tenderprenuers who want to do tenders at KNH,” said Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot

KNH is also expected to furnish the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board with a comprehensive report ahead of an enquiry.