Beatrice Mwende accused of killing her 4 children in Naivasha blames ‘evil spirits’

Beatrice Mwende accused of killing her 4 children in Naivasha blames ‘evil spirits’

A 42-year-old woman accused of killing her four children in Naivasha is now blaming evil spirits and her former boyfriend for the beastly act.

Beatrice Mwende Kimothoi said after spending two nights in a police cell, reality dawned on her and she has come to terms with what happened.

She termed as demonic the act of killing her children Melody Warigia (8yrs), Willy Macharia (6yrs), Samantha Njeri (4yrs) and Whitney Nyambura (2yrs).

The mother of six narrated how she killed the four children one after the other on Friday night before going to bed.

The mathematics teacher begged the court for mercy insisting that she had been possessed and did not know what she was doing.

Mwende further claimed that her boyfriend whom she parted ways last year is the one who had been ordering her to do ‘queer’ things.

She alleged that on the 26th of every month, she would be possessed by evil spirits which she was not in control of.

On the fateful day that she is alleged to have killed the children, Mwende told the court that she later went to look for the ex-boyfriend who works in Naivasha town.

She did not find him but left him a letter that she says she wrote in a daze.

Mwende, who worked with an NGO in Naivasha town, said she is ready to be jailed for her actions.

Her sentiments come on the backdrop of police seeking to hold her for seven more days to conduct a mental assessment before charging her with murder.

Through a miscellaneous application, Corporal Samuel Wambugu told Naivasha Senior Resident magistrate Yusuf Baraza that they also need time to conduct a postmortem on the bodies.

The case will be heard on July 6, 2020.

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