At least 700 Moi University students to miss graduation

At least 700 Moi University students to miss graduation

Panic has gripped at least 700 students from Moi University whose names are missing in the graduation list slated for August 22, 2019.

The students claim that some of the lecturers willingly failed to release marks to quietly push for their pay and allowances with the most affected faculty being the school of business and Economics.

In the Nairobi Campus for instance, Citizen Digital learnt that close to 500 students at the faculty had to contribute on an individual basis an amount and forward to one of their lecturers for their marks to be released.

But even so, it was too late for the students who say the University’s Senate already sat and approved the names of those graduating.

“We have all the even whatever you see marks, and here is provisional marks that qualifies me that should be graduating…..This is our 7th year studying a course of 4 years,” lamented one student.

They blame the University for neglecting them and taking them for granted.

Some of the aggrieved students convened outside the university’s administration block demanding that their names be added to the list ahead of the graduation next week.

The university management however says many of the aggrieved students had huge fee balances and missing marks.

According to the Moi University’s Public Relations Officer Patricia Cherambos, it is too late for them to be listed for graduation.

“We want to urge them to prepare for the December graduation, let them sort their issues early and they will eventually graduate,” said Cherambos.

The students’ hopes however remain high that the university will reverse the decision and work against next week’s deadline to put them in the list.