Arrests loom as DPP Haji receives Ksh.2.7 billion KPA scandal files from DCI

Arrests loom as DPP Haji receives Ksh.2.7 billion KPA scandal files from DCI

Top Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) managers are walking a tight rope with imminent arrests hovering over their shoulders following probe into a Ksh.2.7 billion tender scandal.

This after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) on Wednesday confirmed receipt and scrutiny of three files from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on runaway graft at the port.

The three files include the Makongeni Goodshed Project, construction of concrete barriers and the revitalization of the Kisumu port.

“The file was handed over to me yesterday…we are looking at it and if satisfied as ODPP we will proceed,” DPP Noordin Haji told Citizen TV.

KPA Managing Director Daniel Manduku is alleged to have authorised irregular expenditure totaling Ksh.2.7 billion for the three projects.

Mr. Manduku now faces a total of 30 counts of corruption and abuse of offices charges in all the three projects.

Also implicated are KPA General Manager in charge of Operations William Rutto, Senior Works Officer Anthony Muhanji, Works Officer Juma Chigulu and Principal Works Officer Bernard Nyobange.

The officials, alongside Mr. Manduku, are said to have colluded to divide the 2100 square meters yard belonging to Kenya Railways into 9 zones and awarded 8 contractors the concrete works.

The split termed unprocedural with the aim of avoiding open and competitive tendering process is believed to have cost the taxpayer Ksh.506 million.

According to the DCI, the companies were paid in full despite not completing the job as Kenya Railways reclaimed its land and demolished the concrete.

However, in a rebuttal, KPA claimed it legally acquired the land from Kenya Railways Corporation and the facility was gazetted as a port.

The authority further stated that procurement procedures were adhered to and the project was initiated by the relevant consumer departments according to laid down procedures.